Bridget Michelsen, Executive Director

Ms. Michelsen is the Executive Director of PenTV. She joined the team in 2015. Bridget is a California, San Mateo County Native. She brings with her a wide background in television production including sports, remote and studio productions. She is a graduate of SJ State University and has worked for KNTV, KTVU, KPIX, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, Comcast Sports & Franklin Templeton Investments. She is also a photographer and enjoys taking pictures of children, weddings, families and landscapes.

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Rocky Robinson, Chief Technical Engineer

Mr. Robinson has been associated with Peninsula Television since 1999. He holds a degree from Chabot College in Radio and TV Broadcasting. His key responsibilities include the operations of a state-of-the-art television studio and all the computer gear and technical equipment needed to operate a sophisticated operation. In addition, he completes voiceovers, edits and film various projects.

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Garett Thomas, Program Director/Studio Manager

Mr. Thomas has been associated with Peninsula Television since mid-2009. He holds a degree in Teledramatic Arts and Technology from California State University, Monterey Bay. His key responsibilities include programming the weekly schedule, directing smaller shows and studio equipment management. He also serves as producer, editor and camera person for selected productions.

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Shuli Chen, Video Operator

Ms. Chen joined Peninsula Television in 2013. She was a researcher and educator in Film and Media Studies at Washington University in St. Louis before moving to the Bay Area. Her primary responsibility is to videotape and broadcast all Foster City City Council and Planning Commission meetings. She also serves as a technical director and camera person for selected productions.