Jul 23

Lung Cancer Living Room 07-15-14

Lung Cancer Living Room 07-15-14

Recorded 7/15/14
David R. Gandara, MD
Director Thoracic Oncology Program UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Larry Heifetz, MD
FACP Medical Director, Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Cancer Center

Jul 07

Catch a RIDE! Let’s ROLL, San Mateo County!

Catch a RIDE! Let’s ROLL, San Mateo County!
Local Commuters Get Rewarded For Choosing a

SAN BRUNO, Calif., July 3, 2014 – The Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance has completed “Catch a RIDE! Let’s ROLL, San Mateo County!,” an annual campaign that aims to reduce single-occupant vehicles and rewards those who take commute alternatives to work.

Commuters were asked to pledge to carpool, vanpool, take transit, ride the ferry, walk or bicycle to work, at least eight times from March 1 to April 30, 2014.  Over 2,600 commuters participated in the 2014 campaign, an increase of 63% over 2013.

By participating, commuters reduced 2-million single-occupant vehicle miles. Each participant, was entered into weekly prize drawings and a grand prize drawing of an Apple iPad®. First-time participants received a $40 incentive. This year, there were 1,531 new participants who received an incentive.

Participants were asked to complete a survey at the end of the campaign period. A total of 1,967 commuters completed the survey. Over 30% of the respondents noted “carpool” as the mode frequently used during their commute and about 45% noted using public transit.

For more information, call the Alliance office at (650) 588-8170, or email: alliance@commute.org.