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The Game - 268 - 2018 Election
The Game - 268 - 2018 Election
Growth, traffic, infrastructure and change. What did voters say about these pressing issues in the November election? We get some answers from two community leaders at the center of these issues. The Game is Politics. The Game is on.

The issues of growth and construction were on nearly every ballot in last month’s election – either as a central issue in a city council campaign or in the form of Measure W, the countywide sales tax increase that would provide money for transit and transportation projects and barely squeaked past the two-thirds threshold. What signals did voters send about the changes taking place in our community and the economics behind those changes?

We talk with two leaders who were in the midst of these issues: Rosanne Foust, president & CEO of the San Mateo County Economic Development Association, and Charles
Stone, member of the Belmont City Council and chair of the SamTrans Board of Directors. Both of them were heavily involved in the leadership of the Yes on Measure W campaign.
The Game - 267 - Watershed Election Special
The Game - 267 - Watershed Election Special
So many votes were cast – statewide and in San Mateo County – that it took most of the month to count them all. But the results are in and it has been an historic year for voter participation, for women, for some critical tax measures and the results reflect a community in the throes of change.

In a special edition of The Game, Kevin Mullin and Mark Simon are going to highlight some of the trends and impactful outcomes of the dozens of elections that took place on November 6. It was a watershed year.

Recorded 11.29.2018
The Game - 266 - Melissa Michelson
The Game - 266 - Melissa Michelson
On Election Night, we’ll be bringing you live coverage of what may be the most important election in a long time. We set the stage for our coverage – the candidates and the issues – with political analyst Melissa Michelson. The Game is Politics, The Game is on.

Control of Congress, some of the most contentious statewide ballot measures of the season, dozens of local races and local tax measures – the November 2018 ballot is crammed with hotly contested campaigns with national, statewide and local consequences that could be felt for a decade. And we’re going to bring it all to you live right here on Peninsula TV on Election Night, starting at the moment the polls close.

We will be the only TV station devoted entirely to the races that matter most to you, and we’ll have guests on throughout the night to talk about who won, who lost and what it all means. One of those analysts will be the always-insightful Melissa Michelson, who will be on throughout the night to assess the results, and she’s here with us now to talk about what we’ll be watching for Election Night.
The Game - 265 - Election Preview
The Game - 265 - Election Preview
Child care, homelessness, early childhood education and, oh yes, election reform – we review the legislative year and review this election season. Kevin Mullin is on the other side of the table as our partner becomes our guest. The Game is politics. The Game is on.

I’m Mark Simon. Welcome to The Game. My partner, Kevin Mullin is on assignment – over there on the other side of the table. With the close of the legislative session and a political campaign well underway, we’ve coerced Kevin to be our guest today. South San Francisco councilman and mayor from 2007 to 2012, he was elected to the state Assembly in 2012 and re-elected in 2014 and 2016. He serves as Assembly Speaker Pro Tem, the number two post in that body.
The Game - 264 - Melissa Michelson
The Game - 264 - Melissa Michelson
In an historically unsettled political environment, the turmoil seems to be mounting as we plunge toward the November 6 national and statewide election.

We survey the landscape with our own political expert – Melissa Michelson from Menlo College is here. The Game is politics, and so much more. The Game is on.

Just when you think it can’t get any crazier – it does. We follow politics and government for a living and because we have been fascinated and even inspired by it. But this year – or month or week – leaves all of us wondering what will happen next, how will the uncertainty and chaos play out and whether we will be left with a massive rebuilding project. This we know for sure – an election is just a few weeks away.

And so we’re happy to have back our friend and political insider, Melissa Michelson, professor of political science at Menlo College, for her insights on what has happened and her best guess about what may happen on November 6.
The Game - 263 - Delaine Eastin
The Game - 263 - Delaine Eastin
Delaine Eastin was the first – and still the only – woman elected to the critical position of California Superintendent of Public Instruction.

She’s known for her frankness, her compassion and her love of a good fight. We talk with Delaine Eastin about where California and our nation are going. The Game is Politics, The Game is on.

Welcome to The Game.

Many of the state education programs Delaine Eastin started are still in place – reduction of class size in our public schools, raising class standards, introducing the internet to our classrooms and planting gardens at schools throughout the state. She ran for governor in June and finished sixth in a crowded field, where she stood out for her enthusiasm and her straight-ahead approach to the issues facing California.

Raised in San Carlos, she began her political career on the Union City Council, before being elected to the state Assembly and then state’s nonpartisan Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1995 to 2003. She’s also the first, and only guest, we’ve had who has elementary school named for her – Delaine Eastin Elementary in Union City.
The Game Special Edition - 262 - Redwood City Candidates
The Game Special Edition - 262 - Redwood City Candidates
There may be no hotter race on the November 6 local ballot than the seven-candidate campaign for the Redwood City Council. All seven candidates are here for an exchange of views and policy positions. It’s a special edition of The Game and The Game is on.

Welcome to a special edition of The Game. My partner, Kevin Mullin, is on assignment.

All the issues we face – managing the explosive growth that comes with a booming economy, disruptive and frustrating traffic, the soaring cost of housing and its impact on the people who live and work here – they’re all very much at hand in Redwood City, which has transformed itself in the past decade into an economic and social center of the Peninsula. Against that backdrop, seven candidates are running for three seats on the Redwood City Council.

We are joined by these candidates, who are here for a special hourlong edition of The Game to discuss their campaigns and the future of a city that seems to embody all the concerns we face throughout the region.

Joining us today are:

• Jason Galisatus, a community relations associate at Stanford University, vice-chair of the city’s Complete Streets Advisory Committee, co-chair of the city’s Downtown Association and a board member of the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF);

• Giselle Hale, director of Media Partnerships at Facebook, a member of the Redwood City Planning Commission since 2014 and a board member of the RCEF and a working mother raising two young children;

• Diane Howard, current Vice Mayor and nineteen year veteran of the council, whose range of civic activities stretches over three decades;

• Rick Hunter, owner of his own accounting firm, a former member of the Planning Commission and the city Parks and Recreation Commission, board member and treasurer of the RCEF;

• Diana Reddy, a long-time community advocate and organizer on a host of issues, including education, health care and housing, former member of the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County, the San Mateo County Living Wage Task Force, and the city’s Housing and Human Concerns Committee, and former co-chair of Faith In Action, a community and faith-based advocacy organization;

• Ernie Schmidt, vice president of Fox Theater Properties, Inc., a member of the city Planning Commission since 2009 and an active member of a long list of civic and charitable organizations;

• Christina Umhofer, small business owner, whose businesses include investment property and used to include the long-established auto repair shop Fred’s Garage, which closed earlier this year after 58 years, and a long-active leader in local youth sports.
The Game - 261 - Mike Callagy
The Game - 261 - Mike Callagy
He started off as a cop, now he’s directing traffic at a 2.8 billion dollar enterprise known as San Mateo County. The Game is government, the Game is on.

Welcome to the Game. In November, San Mateo County Manager John Maltbie will retire, and Mike Callagy will take over management of a county government with an annual budget of 2.8 billion dollars and 5,500 employees. A native of San Mateo County and a resident of Foster City, Mike began his career in public service as a police officer in San Mateo. Over a 29-year career, he rose to the rank of Deputy Chief before joining the county in 2013 as one of the three deputy county managers. In 2016, he was named assistant county manager, and on July 6, the county Board of Supervisors selected him to be the next county manager.
The Game - 260 - Ted Robinson
The Game - 260 - Ted Robinson
If it’s tennis, swimming, PAC-12 football, the Olympics or the San Francisco 49ers, the
voice you hear is that of Ted Robinson.

And he’s here with us, truly a man for all seasons. The Game is sports, the Game is on.

When he’s not doing every other major sport, Ted Robinson is the radio voice of the San
Francisco 49ers, a team that seems on the verge of a resurgence as the start of the NFL season is just around the corner.

We are delighted to welcome back our friend, Ted Robinson.
The Game - 259 - Amy Buckmaster and Rosanne Foust
The Game - 259 - Amy Buckmaster and Rosanne Foust
Our Peninsula is in the midst of a booming economy. Why has it happened and will it last? We ask two of the community’s top business leaders. The Game is Business. The Game is on.

In just 10 years, an economic boom has transformed the Peninsula into an urbanized center of jobs and major employers intent on growing in place. The county has the lowest unemployment rate in the state, perhaps in the nation. Normally, this is good news, but along with this has come choking traffic and skyrocketing housing costs. Can we stand success?

And are we in danger of killing the boom? To understand how we got here, what we need to do to maintain the region’s economic health and how to manage all that comes with it, we’re joined today by two leading Peninsula business executives, Amy Buckmaster, President & CEO, Redwood City/San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce, and Rosanne Foust, President & CEO, San Mateo County Economic Development Association (Samceda).
The Game - 258 - John Maltbie
The Game - 258 - John Maltbie
He has served the public for more than 30 years, including a quarter-century as the county manager of San Mateo County. John Maltbie reflects on the life and times of our county. The Game is government, The Game is on.

John Maltbie retires as San Mateo County Manager in November after 25 years in the job, a quarter-century that saw unprecedented, unexpected and dramatic change in the county and the job of county government. He is credited with an innovative approach to government he termed the Agile Work Force, along with a wide range of innovative social programs he implemented. As the county has grown, so has county government, extending its reach into every social issue, including homelessness, charter schools, health and reading.

When John Maltbie started as the San Mateo County Manager in 1989, the county budget was 473 million dollars and there were 4,560 people employed by the county government. The final 2018-19 budget he submitted to the board of supervisors was 2.7 billion dollars and the county had 5,528 employees – that’s a 480 percent growth in the budget and a 21 percent increase in the number of county workers.
The Game - 257 - Transportation
The Game - 257 - Transportation
There is one issue everyone agrees on: Traffic is terrible. We talk to two San Mateo county leaders who say something can be done about it. The game is transportation. The Game is on.

Welcome to The Game. This November, San Mateo County voters will decide on a half-cent sales tax increase that will direct money to a series of projects and programs intended to do one thing: make it easier for all of us to get around. Joining us to talk about this ballot measure are Dave Pine, President of the San Mateo County Supervisors, and Belmont City Councilman Charles Stone, who chairs the San Mateo County Transit District Board of Directors. Thank you for joining us.
The Game - 255 - Crime and Punishment
The Game - 255 - Crime and Punishment
Immigration, the Opioid crisis, school shootings, police misconduct – the list of challenges facing law enforcement is more complex than ever. We tackle these issues and more with San Mateo County’s top law enforcement officials – Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. The Game is Crime and Punishment. The Game is on.

San Mateo County is one of the safest counties in California with crime rates well below the state average. Even with that good news, we are not immune to the concerns we read and hear about almost daily – the fear in minority populations of a crackdown on immigrants, the growing crisis over opioid abuse, the fear our young people face from school shootings and a seemingly daily report of police abuse of authority.

Here to discuss these complex and difficult issues are the top two law enforcement officials in San Mateo County. Sheriff Carlos Bolanos was elected to his office June fifth after two years as the appointed sheriff. He has been in law enforcement for 37 years. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe was re-elected to his office June fifth without opposition. He was elected in 2010 and has served in the prosecutor’s office for 30 years.
The Game - 256 - Melissa Michelson
The Game - 256 - Melissa Michelson
The June 5 primary is in the books. Was San Mateo County’s all-mail election a success? And what does the voting tell us about what might happen in November? We crunch the numbers with political analyst Melissa Michelson. The Game is Politics, the Game is on.

The June 5 statewide primary election had a lot on its agenda -- San Mateo County was one of five to make history by conducting an all-mail ballot. Did it mean more voter participation? The top-two primary was supposed to be a sweep for Democrats, but it didn’t turn out that way.

We sift through the remains of the day with our own political analyst, Menlo College Political Science Professor Melissa Michelson, co-author of “Listen, We Need to Talk,” an examination of changing public attitudes toward LGBT rights.
The Game - 253 - Mary Hughes
The Game - 253 - Mary Hughes
A record-number of women are running for the U.S. Congress this year. Is 2018 a breakthrough year for women in politics? We ask a leader in this cause, Mary Hughes. The Game is Politics, The Game is on.

For well over a decade, Mary Hughes has been a leader in the effort to elect more women to office. A veteran political strategist and advisor to candidates for president, Congress and the Legislature, she founded Close the Gap CA, which recruits progressive women to run for office.
The Game - 254 - Superintendent Candidates for San Mateo County
The Game - 254 - Superintendent Candidates for San Mateo County
Who is going to lead San Mateo County’s schools into the future?​ The two candidates for the county’s top schools chief are here. The Game is Education, The Game is on. Low pay, long hours, achievement gaps – teachers face any number of difficult challenges and increased expectations to prepare our children for a complex economic and employment environment. Two candidates – Nancy Magee and Gary Waddell -- are running for the one office where all these issues come together – San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools. It is the only truly contested countywide race on the ballot. Nancy Magee is Associate Superintendent of Student Services in the County Office of Education, which means she is in charge of the direct programs that affect student life, including the complex issue of ensuring students are safe at school. Gary Waddell is Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services and Curriculum, which means he is responsible for ensuring schools carry out mandated state educational programs. Both have an extensive background in education and throughout the show, we’ll be putting up their campaign website addresses so you can learn more. Websites:
The Game - 252 - Assemblyman Kevin Mullin
The Game - 252 - Assemblyman Kevin Mullin
Usually, he’s sitting right next to me, weighing in with thoughtful discourse and discussion, but this time, we’re putting him in the guest seat. Assemblyman Kevin Mullin talks about the local, regional and statewide scene. The Game is Politics. The Game is on.

I’ve been proud to call him my partner on this show, but today we’re going to put him on the other side of the table. Assemblyman Kevin Mullin was elected to the office in 2012 and in 2016 was sworn in as Speaker Pro Tem, the second-highest-ranking job in the Assembly. He was a member of the South San Francisco City Council from 2007-2012. The son of Assemblyman Gene Mullin, Kevin is married to Jessica Stanfill Mullin and they recently welcomed the birth of twin boys, Liam and Landon.
The Game - 251 - Changing Attitudes Toward LGBT
The Game - 251 - Changing Attitudes Toward LGBT
In 2000, a state ballot measure banning same-sex marriage passed 61 to 32. In 2013, after a landmark Supreme Court decision, polling showed 64 percent of Californians favored same-sex marriage.

What caused such a dramatic reversal of a once-controversial issue? We talk to our friend, Melissa Michelson, about this sweeping change in public attitudes. The Game is public opinion. The Game is on.

Most of the difficult issues facing this nation – gun control, abortion, race relations, the death penalty – are immovable. But public attitudes and acceptance of same-sex marriage underwent an amazing turnaround. In 2000, voters approved Proposition 22, a ban on same-sex marriage by a margin of 61 percent to 32. In 2008, a similar measure, Proposition 8, also passed but by a much narrower margin of 52 to 48. By 2013, same-sex marriage was legal and public polling showed 64 percent of Californians supported it. What happened?

That’s exactly the question asked by political scientists Brian Harrison and Melissa Michelson. They set off to research why public opinion changed so dramatically and so swiftly.

The results of their work have been published in “Listen, We Need To Talk – How to change attitudes about LGBT rights.” And Melissa, a professor of Political Science at Menlo College, is here to talk about her book. We’ll also spend a Few Minutes with Kevin at the end of the show to catch up on his latest activities.
The Game - 250 - Housing in Brisbane
The Game - 250 - Housing in Brisbane
Throughout the Bay Area, everyone – residents, would-be residents, employers and leading elected officials – are crying out for a solution to the regional housing shortage. And many of them have decided Brisbane is standing in the way. The Game is housing, the Game is on.

It may be the sole remaining large parcel of Bay Area land available for housing – 600 acres of landfill and an old railyard in Brisbane. For more than a decade, the city has wrestled with what to do with this plot of land – contaminated, but vacant. Now, there is regional pressure to build housing there, and not just a little – enough to triple the population of a city that has long been described as tiny and sleepy.

Last month, the city council voted 5-0 to begin the process of putting on the November ballot an amendment to the city’s general plan that would allow for the building of up to 2,200 housing units, double the number that currently exists in Brisbane, and up to 4 million square feet of commercial development.

Citywide polling from 2015 shows that Brisbane voters feel mixed, at best, about the proposal, but state legislators and regional news outlets have been sharply critical of the Brisbane City Council for not considering a plan that called for 4,000 housing units.

Here to talk about this complicated and pressure-packed issue are Clarke Conway, Mayor of Brisbane, and City Manager Clay Holstine.
The Game - 249 - Special Edition: Millenials
The Game - 249 - Special Edition: Millenials
In another year, they will be the largest demographic group in America. They are Millennials and we’re devoting an hour to this rising and youthful tide. The Game is Millennials. The Game is on.

Welcome to a special edition of The Game. By the 2020 presidential election, they’ll cast more votes than any other bloc. They are Millennials and they are on the verge of dominating our politics the way they already dominate popular culture. What worries them? How will they change our economy and our workforce? Do they like their label?

Most researchers define Millennials as people born between 1981 and 1996 – so they range in age from 22 to 37. We’ve assembled a panel to talk about this increasingly important and dominant group.
We should note, while we are identifying our guests by their professional affiliations, they are here as individuals and are not speaking on behalf of or representing their employers. Joining us are:

•Jason Galisatus, Community Relations Associate at Stanford University, whose extensive background in public policy includes serving as a political consultant and as an intern in Nancy Pelosi’s office. He currently is co-chair of the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission and the Redwood City Downtown Association.

•Ashley Quintana, Public Policy Associate Manager at Facebook, who worked there previously as a Community Outreach Coordinator, a position she also has held at San Mateo County, working as a liaison in the heavily Latino community of North Fair Oaks. She is an advisory board member at the Spark Program and a board member at the Redwood City Library Foundation.

•Kevin Fong, District Representative for Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, with extensive background in the state Legislature, serving in a variety of roles for the state Assembly and state Senate in the Bay Area. He also has worked as a political consultant for a San Francisco firm.

•Christine O’Neal, the principal at O’Neal Coaching and Consulting, specializing on advising professional workers on how to maximize their career opportunities, talents and skills, with a particular emphasis on employees in the Silicon Valley job market. She also is founding director of the MOSA Group, which seeks to prepare young women for college and post-college. Her work has naturally exposed her extensively to Millennials.
The Game - 248 - John Maltbie
The Game - 248 - John Maltbie
For nearly three decades, San Mateo County has been led by the steady, creative and thoughtful management of John Maltbie. But he’s retiring at the end of the year. We’ve got him here to talk about where he and the county are going. The Game is Government. The Game is on.

Since 1989, San Mateo County has transformed from a quiet, suburban community to a very diverse economic powerhouse, but with an ever-increasing array of urban challenges – homelessness, a jobs/housing imbalance and unprecedented congestion- byproducts of that economic activity. But one constant through all these changes has been County Manager John Maltbie, who joins us on The Game.

After we talk with John, we will debut a new feature – a Few Minutes With Kevin. At the end of the show, we’ll turn Kevin from co-host to guest and take a few minutes to get his perspective and analysis on the latest political news here at home and in Sacramento.

But first, John Maltbie, who announced he is retiring at the end of this year, after 27 years leading the county government. As he steps down, the county has an annual budget of $2.82 billion and more than 5,500 employee positions. He served as county manager from 1989-2008, retired and was asked back by the county supervisors, first on an interim basis in 2011 and then permanently in 2012. This time he plans on staying retired.
The Game - 247 - The Local Economy and Women in the Workplace
The Game - 247 - The Local Economy and Women in the Workplace
The economy is booming, and all over the business world, male executives are imploding. We talk to two leading women leaders in our local economy about this and more. The Game is Business. The Game is on.

In the midst of an unprecedented economic boom, how is our economy changing, and who is being left behind? And what will be the impact of the startling revelations about the male misconduct in the workplace? To address both of these matters, we are joined by Rosanne Foust, President & CEO of the San Mateo County Economic Development Association, the oldest and leading business association in the county and Kitty Lopez, Executive Director of First 5 San Mateo County, which allocates money from a 50-cent tobacco tax toward programs dedicated to children ages up to 5 years old. First 5 spends about $7 million a year on programs for more than 3,600 families, services ranging from providing car seats and dental exams to helping parents prepare their kids for school.
The Game - 246 - Mary Hughes
The Game - 246 - Mary Hughes
The political landscape has been shaken with one revelation after another of misconduct by male elected officials toward women. Is this a watershed moment for women in higher office? We ask one of the nation’s leading advocates for the election of women to political office. The Game is Politics. The Game is on.

Welcome to The Game. I’m Mark Simon. We welcome back Mary Hughes, co-founder of the consulting firm Hughes & Co., and founder of Close the gap California, a campaign to achieve gender equity in the state Legislature by 2028 through the election of progressive women. We’ve had Mary on before to talk about this effort but now, it seems to be an issue with a new urgency.
The Game - 245 - A Jazz Interlude
The Game - 245 - A Jazz Interlude
That’s David Miller at the piano soon to be joined by Rebecca DuMaine on vocals. It’s a very special edition of our show tonight, a concert with two top jazz performers. The Game is Music, The Game is on.

That was Dave Miller on the piano and the musical stylings of Rebecca DuMaine on vocals. Welcome to a very special edition of The Game – welcome to you watching at home and to the studio audience that has gathered for this special concert. I’m Mark Simon and we are thrilled to be joined by two top jazz performers for an hour of music and conversation about music we all love so much. They’re going to perform some jazz standards, some lesser known numbers and we’ll spend some time talking about their love of music.

-Dave Miller, Jazz Pianist
-Rebecca DuMaine, Jazz Vocalist

Songs Performed:

Taking a Chance on Love (G)
by Vernon Duke

So Danco Samba (D)
by Jobim

You're Getting to be a Habit with Me (C)
by Harry Warren

Haven't We Met (Eb)
by Kenny Rankin

I've Never Been in Love Before (F)
by Frank Loesser

Yesterday (G)
by The Beatles

So Nice (D)
by Marcos Valle

Telephone Song
by Roberto Menescal

Lullaby of Birdland (Eb)
by George Shearing

Bonus Footage Link:
The Game - 244 - Durst Case Scenario
The Game - 244 - Durst Case Scenario
Will Durst has the cure for PTSD: President Trump Stress Disorder. The good doctor of political comedy is going to cure our ailments with that always-helpful medicine: Laughter. The Game is Politics. The Game is on.

We’re on the verge of war with North Korea. Our president thinks Nazis are misunderstood. It seems like we’re just one tweet away from a constitutional crisis. For some reason, he’s mad at Puerto Rico for a hurricane. There’s only one thing left to do: Laugh. And if that’s what you want, go to The Marsh theater in San Francisco where our friend, and our nation’s premiere political comedian is doing an extended run of his new show: The Durst Case Scenario. Will Durst, welcome back to The Game.


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